Texas Digital Library Groups

As a consortium, the Texas Digital Library depends upon the active participation of its members and users to be successful. TDL Users Groups, Working Groups, and committees provide opportunities for member contributions focused on particular services, professional roles, and projects.

Current Active User Groups, Working Groups, and Committees

Data Management Working Group

The TDL Data Management Working Group convened in Fall 2013 to develop pilot projects and make recommendations for services related to data management, particularly in regard to making research data accessible and reusable.

  • Chair: Bruce Herbert, PhD, Director of Digital Services & Scholarly Communications, Texas A&M Libraries
  • Maria Esteva, PhD, Research Associate/Data Archivist, Texas Advanced Computing Center
  • Debra Hanken Kurtz, Executive Director, Texas Digital Library
  • Colleen Lyon, Digital Repository Librarian, UT Austin
  • Christie Peters, Science Research Support Librarian, University of Houston
  • Ryan Steans, Director of Operations, Texas Digital Library
  • Joseph Tan Manager, Digital Services & Technology,  UT Southwestern Medical Library
  • Megan Toups, Instruction/Liaison Librarian, Trinity University

TDL Metadata Community

The TDL Metadata Community re-formed in the summer of 2013 to provide a forum for mutual support and discussion around metadata issues.

This open group uses the TDL Metadata Email list for announcements and discussions. To join the list, use the SUBSCRIBE feature on this page, or email info@tdl.org with your request.

Chair: Sarah Potvin, Texas A&M University

TDL ETD Metadata Working Group (formed Summer 2014)

Charge: The TDL ETD Metadata Working Group will provide guidance to TDL member institutions and other ETD practitioners on metadata for electronic theses and dissertations, with a particular focus on works published through the Vireo ETD submission and management application.


Kara Long, BaylorColleen Lyon UT Austin
Sarah Potvin, Texas A&M (Chair)
Monica Rivero, Rice University
Santi Thompson, University of Houston
Kristi Park, TDL (TDL liaison)Amy Rushing, UT San Antonio (advisory)

TDL DSpace Users Group

The TDL DSpace Users Group is an open group for anyone in Texas currently using or interested in DSpace repository software.

The group uses the TDL DSpace Users Group Email List as a communications hub. The list provides:

  • a forum for discussion and mutual support on issues of concern to the DSpace users community
  • a means for the TDL to update members on upgrades, training opportunities, and other DSpace-related work of the TDL staff, and
  • a channel for rebroadcasting any DuraSpace news related to the DSpace software to the Texas DSpace community

Anyone wanting to be added to the list can use the “Subscribe” feature at this link, or may simply email info@tdl.org with the request.

Chair: Mira Greene, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

DSpace 4 Task Force (formed summer 2014)

Charge: In preparation for upgrades to TDL-hosted DSpace installations, the TDL DSpace 4 Task Force will compare  the current hosted version of DSpace (DSpace 1.7) with  the latest version (DSpace 4.x) and provide guidance to the TDL DSpace community about changes in the new version


Cameron Kainerstorfer, UT Southwestern UT Austin
Laura McElfresh, Texas A&M at Galveston
Chris Starcher, Texas Tech
Andrew Weidner, University of Houston
Kristi Park, TDL (Chair)

Vireo Users Group

The Vireo Users Group gathers and prioritizes constituent needs to guide TDL on future development of the Vireo ETD submission and management software. It also provides avenues for the exchange of information about Vireo use and development.

The goals and major activities of the VUG include:

  • Prioritized lists of user stories are given to the TDL development team.
  • A vote on how product enhancements should be prioritized is conducted once a year. The Steering Committee selects the enhancements to be included in the vote.
  • Meetings are held at the annual user conference. These meetings give members a forum to express opinions and discuss issues, in person, with other members.
  • The list of enhancements and other documentation are organized and made available on the VUG website.

To join the Vireo Users Group list, please use the SUBSCRIBE feature at this link or contact the Texas Digital Library Program Coordinator at info@tdl.org.

Co-Chairs: Stephanie Larrison (Texas State University) and David Reynolds (Johns Hopkins University)

TDL Awards Committee

The TDL Awards Committee is appointed by the Governing Board to recognize outstanding work in digital libraries at academic institutions throughout Texas.

  • Chair: Shelley Barba (Texas Tech University)
  • Board sponsor: Douglas Ferrier (Texas A&M International University)
  • Cindy Boeke (Southern Methodist University)
  • Susan Elkins (Angelo State University)
  • Kate Krause (Houston Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Center Library)
  • Stephanie Larrison (Texas State University)
  • Darryl Stuhr (Baylor University)
  • Santi Thompson (University of Houston)
  • Kristi Park (Texas Digital Library)

TDL Conference Committee

The TDL Conference Committee is appointed by the Governing Board and is responsible for planning the annual Texas Conference on Digital Libraries.

The committee for TCDL 2014 consists of:

  • Chair: Billie Peterson-Lugo (Baylor University)
  • Vice-Chair: Elizabeth Gushee (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, UT Austin)
  • Jim Brewer (Texas Tech)
  • Cameron Kainerstorfer (UT Southwestern Medical Center)
  • Nerissa Lindsay (Texas A&M International University)
  • Mark Phillips (University of North Texas)
  • Rachel Vacek (University of Houston)
  • Kristi Park (Texas Digital Library)

Past Groups

Survey Working Group

The TDL Survey Working Group was convened in June 2012 to develop and conduct a survey of the TDL membership to determine needs related to TDL services, marketing, and organization. The results of the Survey Working Group were reported to the TDL Governing Board in the fall of 2012 and released publicly in early 2013.

Subcommittee Chairs:

  • Jane Scott (UT Southwestern Medical Center Library) – Marketing Subcommittee
  • Gail Clement (Texas A&M University Libraries) – Services Subcommittee
  • Jeanne Hazzard (Alkek Library, Texas State University) – Organizational Subcommittee