Michael Jensen on the future of scholarly publishing

Michael Jensen, Director of Strategic Web Communications at the National Academies Press, has released video of his talk at the Association of American University Presses’ Annual Meeting — the talk is entitled Scholarly Publishing in the New Era of Scarcity 2010-2025. Here’s part 1:

Michael Jensen at AAUP annual meeting

I saw Jensen give an enormously entertaining and thought-provoking presentation on the future of scholarly publishing at  Texas A&M’s symposium on that topic back in February. And while he touches on many of the same points here — the academy’s need to innovate its way out of a failed publishing model, the importance of branding to promote the value of scholarly work — this speech is much grander in scope. As he says in the opening in his typically half-ironic way, it’s about “saving scholarly publishing and saving civilization.”

You might take issue with some of what Jensen says, but I recommend giving the video a look. If nothing else, it’ll make you think.

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