Temporary TDL systems outage planned for Tuesday, August 25

The TDL experienced a service interruption over the weekend, due to a power outage at the UT Austin Data Center that hosts some TDL services.

The TDL is still experiencing difficulties with its wiki service, as well as some services that reside at http://labs.tdl.org. We are monitoring the situation and will be communicating with members as necessary. You can also get up-to-date information about the status of TDL systems at the TDL System Status Update blog.

As a result of these technical difficulties, the Data Center has announced a planned outage for Tuesday, August 25. During the outage, it is likely that some TDL services will again be temporarily unavailable. Services will return to normal no later than noon on August 26.

Please feel free to contact the TDL staff with questions and concerns. For technical difficulties, you may also submit a helpdesk request.


The TDL wiki service and testing services at http://labs.tdl.org are currently back up and running.


The planned outage for Tuesday, August 25 will occur in the afternoon and evening. To ensure that all systems are brought back online safely, we ask that TDL users not attempt to access TDL services from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM on August 25.

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