DuraSpace launches Solution Community program to support DSpace user collaboration

DuraSpace logo The Texas Digital Library, a participant in the DSpace development community, supports the efforts of DuraSpace’s Solution Community program, which the organization officially launched on Friday, November 20. DuraSpace is a not-for-profit organization created in July 2009 to provide oversight and support to the open-source digital repository platforms DSpace and Fedora Commons.

The Solution Community program is an effort to bring users of digital repositories together to share resources and solve common problems of digital information management and preservation. The program is using a “bottom-up” approach to organizing users and encourages grassroots efforts to engage with other users with similar interests.

Several Solution Communities are already in existence: these include groups working on issues of data curation, preservation and archiving, digital repositories as tools for scholarship, and the special needs of small cultural heritage organizations.

For more information about the Solution Community program, please visit:

  • The Solution Communities wiki
  • DuraSpace Crowdvine social network
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