Social networking and TCDL 2010: Crowdvine, Twitter, and more

The 2010 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, scheduled for May 17-18 in Austin, Texas, is only about three months away.

Since the conference theme for TCDL 2010 is Collaboration, the TDL seeks to provide as many opportunities as possible for enabling collaboration. In that spirit, the TDL has set up several online venues for networking, staying informed, and interacting with others even before the conference begins.

Read on to learn more about these opportunities:

Image of TCDL Crowdvine NetworkTCDL 2010 on Crowdvine

For the first time, the TDL has set up a Crowdvine community for TCDL that will allow attendees to network and interact before, during, and after the conference. The TCDL Crowdvine network is located at

Crowdvine is a social networking tool, similar to Facebook, that allows users to create profiles and build a network of contacts. Users can make a list of people they want to meet, take part in discussions, and keep up-to-date with news about TCDL 2010 and the Texas Digital Library.

TCDL 2010 on Twitter

Additionally, TCDL 2010 has created a Twitter feed where attendees and other interested parties can get the latest updates about this year’s conference and discuss the conference with others. Those who are interested can follow conference tweets at TCDL2010.

The TDL will be using the hashtag #TCDL2010 to mark all tweets about the conference. Members can help to promote the conference and join in the conversation about TCDL 2010 by posting tweets with this hashtag.

TCDL 2010 on Facebook

Become a fan of the Texas Digital Library and check out the TCDL 2010 event page on Facebook. Users can share conference photos and relevant links and signal their attendance at this year’s event. Once the conference is over, Crowdvine users will also be able to export the contacts they have made through Crowdvine to Facebook.

For more information about TCDL 2010, visit the conference website, or contact the Texas Digital Library at

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