TDL to develop federated Texas Water Digital Library with state researchers

The Texas Water Digital Library will consolidate water data and research from all over the state in a single repository.

On February 17, the Texas Digital Library and several prominent water researchers will meet via teleconference to plan the creation of a new collaborative resource for sharing water data across the state of Texas: the Texas Water Digital Library (TWDL).

The Texas Water Digital Library will federate water research currently housed at several institutions of higher learning throughout the state. A model for the cooperative efforts of the Texas Digital Library, the TWDL will harvest these resources from cooperating institutions using OAI-ORE and deposit them in a TDL-hosted DSpace repository.

“TWDL will bring together existing collections of data that are out there and available, but dispersed,” said TDL program coordinator Ryan Steans. “This federated repository will create a single location where researchers can search for water data.”

The brainchild of Dr. David Maidment (Director of the Center for Research in Water Resources at the University of Texas at Austin), the TWDL will involve cooperation among several Texas institutions of higher learning, including Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University.

Participants in the February 17 meeting will include Maidment, as well as TDL directors Dr. John Leggett and Mark McFarland, Dr. B. L. Harris (Director of the Texas Water Resources Institute at Texas A&M), Dr. Ken Rainwater (Director of the Texas Tech University Water Resources Center), Holly Mercer (Head of Digital Services and Scholarly Communication at Texas A&M), and Ryan Steans.

The group will meet via teleconference and use Adobe Connect for data sharing. The purpose of the meeting will be to establish a plan and protocols for the federated repository, focusing initially on water resource datasets and research papers.

Find out more about TDL Institutional Repositories on the TDL website. For more information about the the Texas Water Digital Library, contact the TDL at

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