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laptop with booksThe latest issue of The Journal of Electronic Publishing contains an article by Gerry Coulter entitled “Launching (and Sustaining) a Scholarly Journal on the Internet: The International Journal of Baudrillard Studies.” For those thinking about starting an online journal, it provides some practical tips (e.g., get an ISSN as soon as possible) and commonsense advice (e.g., have a “good idea” behind your journal). It’s also encouraging about the viability of online journals and the impact they can have on scholarly work.

Here’s the abstract:

This paper is written by the founding editor of the electronic scholarly journal the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies (IJBS): While it will be of interest to persons with a general interest in electronic publishing, it is aimed primarily at those who may be contemplating the launch of an electronic journal. The paper focuses on several key interdependent factors in pre-launch planning: a good idea confirmed by peers, an editor committed to the success of the publication, gaining acceptance in the field, finding high-quality content, publicity, resources, building long term success into initial planning, and technical and language issues. The paper also considers some of the rewards and opportunities that involvement in this project has conferred upon its editor. In the case of IJBS the editor happens to be its founder but this need not always be the case. This is the experience of one journal, not an attempt to establish rules by which all journals should operate.

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