University of Houston adds new collection to digital library

An image of a scrapbook page commemorating a luncheon for propsective brides. From the Ewing Scrapbook Collection at the UH Digital Library

An image from the Ewing Scrapbook Collection in the UH Digital Library.

TDL member the University of Houston has added a new collection to its digital library: the Gladys Ewing Debutante Scrapbook. You can see the full collection here.

The collection represents the scrapbook of Houston debutante Gladys Ewing, who was the daughter of Judge Presley Kittredge Ewing. The UH announcement describes the collection as follows:

The ephemeral contents of the album include invitations, notes, dance cards, and much more — all in the beautifully graphic, formality and color of the Edwardian period. Miss Ewing starts saving these items during the very formal No-Tsu-Oh Houston Social Season in the fall of 1911 and continues through the winter Mardi Gras celebrations, Krewe parties and such. She was, it seems, the premier debutante of that season and served as Maid of Honor to the No-Tsu-Oh queen.

The University of Houston Digital Library includes a number of collections of images and artifacts focused on Houston and Texas history (as well as topics outside those main areas). The Texas Digital Library recently featured the digital repository on its “Member Stories” page. See that feature for more information about the work being done with the UH Digital Library.

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