TDL developers complete seventh PresNet sprint

conceptual image of secured dataThe TDL software development team held a sprint review on Monday, August 23, to demonstrate work completed in an internal development sprint focused on the Preservation Network project.

In part, Sprint 7 continued work from the previous development sprint to move all PresNet work into a hosted software suite called JIRA Studio, which will improve the efficiency and transparency of TDL development and support work. (You can read about PresNet Sprint 6 in a previous story.)

Another key component of Sprint 7, however, was work to ready the current iteration of PresNet for deployment. During the sprint, the TDL development team documented deployment instructions, in preparation for a launch of PresNet in a production environment at the end of August 2010.

Currently, the TDL Preservation Network has the capability to package and deliver TDL-hosted assets (such as blogs, wikis, journals, and repository content) to the Texas Advanced Computing Center, which then replicates the archived assets at its geographically dispersed partner institutions.

Additional development work on PresNet will continue in Fall 2010.

For more information about the TDL Preservation Network, including details on Sprint 7 and previous sprints, visit the TDL Wiki.

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