Academic librarians and OA: Do as I say or do as I do?

The journal College and Research Libraries has released a pre-print of a forthcoming article by Holly Mercer, Head of Digital Services and Scholarly Communications at Texas A&M Libraries. The article, entitled “Almost Halfway There: an Analysis of the Open Access Behaviors of Academic Librarians,” explores whether librarians “practice what they preach” when it comes to self-archiving and open access behaviors.

Academic librarians have responsibility for maintaining awareness and promoting services such as institutional repositories (IRs), and alternative publication venues such as open access journals, but do their behaviors reflect a commitment to open access because of their increased exposure to scholarly communication issues? Previous research examined librarian attitudes toward open access, whereas this article presents results of a study of open access publishing and self-archiving behaviors of academic librarians.

Read the full article here to see her conclusions.

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