TDL team demos improvements to Vireo ETD software

TDL members contributing to the most recent Vireo sprint include (clockwise from top left): Scott Phillips, Jade Lindquist, Ryan Steans, Peter Nuernberg, Otto Fox, Alex Maslov.

The TDL software development team held a sprint review on Friday, September 24 to demonstrate work completed during a two-week sprint (i.e, development period) devoted to improvements in Vireo, the TDL’s electronic thesis and dissertation management software.

Chief technology officer Peter Nürnberg led the review and demonstrated fixes to four bugs. These fixes included:

  1. Repairing the Add/Save a Filter function, which was previously not working properly in the Vireo Admin interface.
  2. Ensuring the ability of administrators to sort lists of ETDs by the UMI Publication Release column.
  3. Changing the default selection for UMI Publication release to “unchecked” in the student submission interface.
  4. Upgrading the MARCXML export tool to include a more complete set of ETD metadata fields. (See the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations ETD Metadata Standard)

Members of the team involved in the sprint were: TDL software developers Scott Phillips, Jade Lindquist, and Otto Fox; developer Alex Maslov, from Texas A&M Libraries; CTO Peter Nürnberg; and TDL program coordinator Ryan Steans, who acted as product owner for the sprint.

Beginning Monday, September 27, the team will undertake a second two-week Vireo sprint. The second sprint will focus on developing feature enhancements to Vireo as outlined by the Vireo Users Group (VUG). Laura Hammons, thesis office director at Texas A&M University, will serve as the sprint’s product owner, on behalf of the VUG.

Following the second sprint, the Texas Digital Library will update its members’ Vireo “labs” installations with the new fixes and features and, subsequent to testing, all production installations.

More Information

The Texas Digital Library development team uses an Agile development methodology known as “scrum.” For more information about scrum development, visit the TDL Wiki.

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