Development Update: PresNet Sprint Review on January 13

conceptual image of digital preservationThe weekly Sprint Review held on Thursday, January 13, demonstrated work completed on the TDL Preservation Network (PresNet) over the course of the preceding week. The team is currently holding public demonstrations of software development work each Thursday at 2:30 PM.

As in the previous week, TDL developer Joe Devries served as moderator for the sprint review and demonstrated work completed on two user stories that dealt with automating the process by which the Preservation Network schedules the harvesting of content at the various nodes of the network.

Representatives from TDL member schools were in attendance, both in person and remotely, including members from Texas State University, Texas Tech University, the University of Houston, and the University of Texas at Austin.

About the TDL Preservation Network

The TDL Preservation Network (PresNet) project is designed to provide long-term storage of digital information at geographically distributed storage nodes. Currently, the PresNet packages and archives TDL-managed assets and stores them at the Texas Advanced Computing Center located at the University of Texas at Austin.

Future Sprint Reviews

The TDL technical team is currently organizing work in one-week sprints (or development cycles) and holding a Sprint Review each Thursday at 2:30 PM. TDL members are welcome to attend these reviews, either in person or virtually.

An invitation, with details for joining the Sprint Review, will be released at the beginning of each week. Attendees are asked to read the concise documentation in the TDL Wiki about what to expect and how to attend Sprint Reviews, as well as proper protocol for observers.

Please contact the TDL with questions at

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