TDL moves to Zendesk for helpdesk management

As part of its on-going efforts to improve users’ experiences with TDL services, the Texas Digital Library has launched Zendesk customer service software for managing technical support requests that come in through the TDL Helpdesk.

With Zendesk, TDL can more effectively track user issues, measure performance in resolving helpdesk requests, and provide users with the ability to monitor their issues in the interface.

For anyone submitting a new helpdesk ticket, the implementation of Zendesk will be largely transparent. Users needing technical help with TDL services can still submit a request in the same three ways:

The main difference for users will be:

  1. The ability to track the status of requests. Users can do this by going to the TDL Zendesk site and creating a password associated with their email address.
  2. Users can also submit new helpdesk requests directly through the Zendesk site, if they choose.

“We hope that this new system for managing support requests will translate into faster response times and a better understanding of our users’ experiences with TDL services,” said Ryan Steans, TDL Senior Program Coordinator.

For more information about the change to Zendesk, please contact the TDL at or by phone at 512-495-4403.

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