TDL upgrading all online journals to latest version of OJS

TDL technical staff have been working for the past month to upgrade all hosted online journals to the latest version of Open Journal Systems software. During the upgrade process, TDL is making several additional changes to the configuration of the journal service that will result in a significantly better experience for journal managers, readers, and other users.

Effie Jarrett, senior systems administrator at the TDL, is the lead on the project, which includes three main objectives:

  • Upgrading the OJS journal software from version 2.2.3 to OJS 2.3.7
  • Moving all journals from a multi-site OJS installation (where multiple journals have been hosted off of one site) to single-site installations, where each journal is the sole journal belonging to its own OJS installation.
  • Removing Shibboleth single-sign-on from the front end of all journals. (Login will instead take place through the authentication system native to OJS.)

Upgrading the journal software will provide users with a number of new features. The move to single-site installations and the removal of Shibboleth will make it easier for journal managers to manage users, give them access to parts of the system previously hidden, and streamline the login process for all users.

The TDL has communicated with each journal’s staff and registered users as the upgrades and changes have taken place in order to minimize impact on users.

The list of all journals hosted by the TDL is available on the TDL website at:

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