TDL director joins DPN Business Model Working Group

portrait of Debra Hanken Kurtz

TDL Executive Director Debra Hanken Kurtz

TDL executive director Debra Hanken Kurtz has joined the DPN Business Model Working Group, which has been tasked with creating a formal business plan and establishing a sustainable economic model for the Digital Preservation Network (DPN).

The Texas Digital Library is a charter member of DPN, a nationwide effort among academic institutions to develop a geographically distributed, format-independent infrastructure to ensure the preservation of the scholarly record.

The Business Model Working Group will complement the work of the on-going Technical Working Group, which is developing the technology infrastructure that makes the storage, replication, and inventory of contents in the DPN network possible. TDL’s senior software engineer Dan Galewsky is working with the TWG to advance an Austin-based node of DPN.

An additional group, the Succession Rights Working Group, is identifying best practices among organizations focused on data preservation and developing templates for defining license agreements among data depositors, repositories, and DPN.

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