DSpace Education Working Group Survey: Through June 22

The DSpace Education Working Group has put together a survey to gauge what kind of DSpace training needs there are among TDL’s members. It’s a rather short survey, and we’d love to have your input while we figure out what to share and how to go about sharing it!

Please take a few minutes to fill out the DSpace Training Needs Survey, and encourage others you think would have an interest to do the same.

DSpace Education Working Group Members:

  • Shelley Barba, Texas Tech University
  • Faedra Wills,¬†University of Texas at Arlington
  • Alexandra Mitchell, Texas A&M Galveston
  • Laura¬†McElfresh, Texas A&M Galveston
  • Nerissa Lindsey, Texas A&M International
  • Susan Elkins, Sam Houston State University
  • Ryan Steans, Texas Digital Library
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