Update on Vireo 4

On behalf of the Vireo Users’ Group Steering Committee, below is an update on the development and beta release of Vireo 4:

  • One more 2-week development sprint is scheduled for 2 weeks starting October 30. At the end of that sprint we hope to host another public demonstration of Vireo 4, around November 14.
  • We plan to make a beta version of Vireo 4 available for testing around Monday, January 15; to this end, we are ready to identify volunteers from both graduate schools and libraries to test Vireo 4.

Prior to the testing period we will develop and/or provide:

  • Basic documentation for Vireo 4;
  • Introductory webinars to Vireo 4, along with information for those doing the testing, as well as an opportunity to ask questions;
  • A rubric/checklist to be used by those who do the testing; and
  • A survey to capture feedback from those who do the testing.
  • In addition to using the rubric/checklist for testing, those who do the testing will be encouraged to use Vireo 4 as they would for their typical processing routines, which may also identify issues that should be addressed.

Also, anyone who volunteers to test Vireo 4 needs to be willing and able to commit a 2-4 hour block of time (not necessarily all at once) to the testing process so we obtain robust test results.

If you are interested in and able to test Vireo 4 starting in mid-January, please send an e-mail message to billie_peterson@baylor.edu.  The VUG Steering Committee is looking forward to the initial release of Vireo 4.  Please help us test it out!

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