Texas Digital Library Advances Texas Research to Global Stage

Texas Digital Library (TDL) has joined the Global Dataverse Community Consortium as a Phase I member. In our role as charter members, Texas Digital Library will assist in governance, planning, and creation of the Consortium’s mission and vision statements.

Formed in 2018, the Global Dataverse Community Consortium organizes existing community efforts such as Texas Digital Library’s Texas Data Repository at an international level. The global consortium will also act as a collaborative hub for institutions like TDL to leverage economies of scale in support of Dataverse repositories around the world.

Texas Digital Library hosts the Texas Data Repository service for our members. Researchers at 11 academic institutions in Texas use the TDR, which serves as a platform for publishing and archiving datasets and other data products created by faculty, staff, and students at Texas higher education institutions. The repository is built in Dataverse, an open-source web application.

“We are excited to join with others in the Dataverse community to take this next step into a deeper collaboration among Dataverse users,” says Kristi Park, TDL Director. “Much like TDL’s member-driven approach, the Global Dataverse Community Consortium will be community-driven, with goals set by members, users, and participants. That means members of the Texas Data Repository will play a key role in driving a global approach to support data repositories around the world.”

For more information, see the Global Dataverse Community Consortium announcement and visit the Texas Data Repository at https://dataverse.tdl.org/.

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