Texas Data Repository: A Year in Review [webinar]

The Texas Data Repository (TDR) is a consortial data repository using the Dataverse platform. In this presentation we discuss ongoing efforts to develop the TDR as a shared service. The presenters include TDR liaisons from participating institutions. We reflect on the past year of using the TDR and speak from diverse perspectives:  the experience of small and large institutions; institutions with varying capacity to provide data services; and institutions implementing different outreach strategies, policies and workflows. We discuss the progress of the TDR, the value of participating in a consortial repository service, successes and challenges, and future goals.

Join the TDR Steering Committee for a free webinar, Texas Data Repository: A Year in Review

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Date: Thursday, August 23, 2018

Time: 10am – 11am CST

Link to webinar: https://bluejeans.com/402297507   


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