DSpace Year in Review

Have you kept up with all things DSpace at TDL? Lucky for you, we have a list of all of the improvements to TDL-hosted DSpace repositories to share. Check out our DSpace Year in Review to learn about our efforts improving DSpace for users and repository managers alike, and get a sneak peak at what lies ahead for the rest of 2019.


Let’s first look at TDL members usage of DSpace. Here are some numbers at-a-glance:

  • 20 |  TDL hosts 20 DSpace installations for our members.
  • 10 | These 20 repositories hold approximately ten terabytes (TB) of content and approximately 185,000 items.
  •   2 | TDL will welcome two new repositories in the coming year, with one of those being a Bepress-to-DSpace migration.
  •   3 | In addition to the repositories we host, three TDL members host their own DSpace repositories.
  •   1 | Our newest repository is Treasures @ UT Dallas. Welcome aboard!


TDL became fully staffed in 2018 with the addition of one full-time software developer to our team. That allowed us to re-organize our staff workload to provide greater developer support to DSpace hosting, leading to the DSpace improvements we achieved in the past year. Our work so far includes:

  • Upgrades to DSpace 6 | Upgrades to current member repositories began in Fall 2018, and were completed in February 2019.
  • Accessibility improvements | In Spring 2019, we deployed improvements to the video player and thumbnail generation functionality in TDL-hosted DSpace repositories. These improvements allow submitters to include a subtitle or caption file that will be incorporated into videos published in the repository. Click here to see an example from Texas A&M International University’s collection.
  • Digital Preservation “Handshake” | This year, TDL piloted a Replication Task Suite that functions as a DSpace-to-DuraCloud integration. Once this pilot is complete, we can deploy new functionality that will allow items in the repository to be ingested through TDL’s DuraCloud instance for members who subscribe to both TDL services. Every digital preservation storage option for TDL members begins with DuraCloud™ @TDL. By offering this service integration, or “handshake,” we are helping reduce redundant tasks for our members.

TDL Digital Preservation Storage Diagram

In addition to our expanded staff capacity, we enlisted the help of our members to lead DSpace trainings and outreach. In September 2018 we re-launched the TDL DSpace User Group. This group is open to any DSpace user and not limited to TDL members. Monthly meetings include topics such as assessments, statistical reporting, DSpace as archives, and using the repository to exhibit digital collections. Additionally, the DSpace Training and Education Group (formerly the DSpace Education Working Group) re-booted their group charter, developed a project roadmap for 2019, and created DSpace 6 documentation in TDL’s training wiki.


DuraSpace is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing leadership and innovation for open technologies, including the DSpace platform. TDL continues to contribute to continued development of DSpace and its worldwide user community as Platinum members of the DSpace project.


For the remainder of calendar year 2019, TDL’s DSpace projects include:

Plans for DSpace 6 improvements and DSpace 7 upgrades are highly dependent on the timing of the completion of DSpace 7 development work by the DuraSpace community that is currently underway.


Anyone – TDL members and non-members alike – is welcome to get involved with TDL’s DSpace work. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

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