TDL GIS Interest Group Webinar Series

The Texas Digital Library GIS Interest Group is excited to bring you a new webinar series starting Fall 2020. All webinars in the series will be free and open to anyone who is interested.

Please save the dates for these upcoming webinars. Registration info will be coming soon!

Our first webinar will be Wednesday, September 30th.

Hands-On Tableau Desktop: Mapping the 2016 Presidential Election

Tuesday, January 12th | 11am-12pm CST
Joshua Been, Baylor University

Participants of this introductory webinar will gain hands-on experience generating interactive maps and map-centric dashboards using Tableau Desktop. The content we will focus on during this webinar will be 2016 Presidential election results by voter tabulation district in Texas and Census data from the American Community Survey. (Unfortunately, it is too early to obtain 2020 results by VTD. Stayed tuned for future mapping workshops when 2020 data is released.)

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Previous webinars

GIS Library Services: Models for Academic Libraries

Tuesday, October 27th | 11am-12pm CST
Michael Shensky, University of Texas at Austin
Joshua Been, Baylor University
Diane Lopez, University of Texas at San Antonio

In this webinar we will discuss GIS and educational services, data support, access to software and hardware, GIS community development on campus, research support, and promotion of GIS services.

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Intro to GIS

Wednesday, September 30th | 11am-12pm CST
Michael Shensky, University of Texas at Austin
Nathaniel Dede-Bamfo, Texas State University
Cynthia Henry, Texas Tech University

Join us for our first GIS Interest Group webinar! In this webinar we will touch on basic GIS concepts, in particular we will address the following topics:

  • What is GIS
  • GIS Models
  • GIS data types
  • GIS software platforms

This webinar will also include software demonstrations focused on GIS in physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

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Please contact Texas Digital Library at if you have questions or suggestions.

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