Attend TDL Imaging Group’s Virtual Lab Tour

The TDL Imaging Group is excited to invite you to our Virtual Lab Tour at Texas State University on Friday April 30th 2021, at 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM CST.  Please join us!

The facilities at Texas State University are part of the Digital and Web Services department at Alkek Library.  The lab supports the creation of digital files for greater access and preservation of books, negatives, documents, video, audio, and born- digital material.  The tour will include an overview of the physical space and equipment used for still image capture as well as plenty of time for open-ended discussion and questions. We will also discuss a few topics below that are specific to this particular lab:

  • The design and use of the custom negative capture station
  •  Project management considerations and workflows for imaging
  • Software for negative and document processing
  •  The Justick Electro Adhesion bulletin boards
  • Negative Lab Pro for Lightroom color negative conversions

This is an informal tour and opportunity for sharing knowledge and we accept additional topic requests from attendees.  Please feel free to email Erin Mazzei, Digital Media Specialist with Texas State University, at with your suggestions or questions by April 26th to be included ahead of time. 

The tour will be conducted via Zoom.

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