Summer 2022 DPLA harvest

Welcome back to our regular series featuring TDL members’ digital collections in DPLA! Institutions who participate in our DPLA Aggregation Service through TxHub share their metadata records with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Every three months, those records are updated in DPLA in our quarterly harvest.

Today, we are highlighting collections from the East Texas Digital Archives at Stephen F. Austin State University. SFA was one of the first institutions to share records with DPLA through TDL’s aggregation service, and currently shares over 6,000 records from 19 collections with DPLA.

Some of the materials that SFA shares with DPLA include:

This letter discusses proposed US annexation of Texas during the Republic of Texas era. “Elijah Price Letter, April 5, 1844,” William F. Price Collection, East Texas Research Center. Stephen F. Austin State University,

“Carrier 18”, Jim Towns Dr. Pepper Collection. Stephen F. Austin State University,

Following the Columbia space shuttle disaster in 2003, researchers at SFA assisted with recovering and mapping debris that fell across East Texas. “Map, SFA Mapping Response”, Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster and Recovery collection. Stephen F. Austin State University Library.

The Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster and Recovery collection at SFA shows how sharing materials with DPLA can create connections across institutions and collections. SFA’s collection shows the very local dimensions of a major event, while other materials in DPLA document the national response to the tragedy. DPLA enables users to understand the Columbia disaster and its aftermath through materials from the National Air & Space Museum, National Archives, Stephen F. Austin State University, and other institutions:*+OR+disaster)

Explore all TDL members’ TxHub content in DPLA here:”Texas Digital Library”

TDL is proud to help share our members’ digital collections with a national audience through TxHub and DPLA. To learn more about TxHub and TDL’s DPLA Metadata Aggregation Service, please visit our website or email us at

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