Announcing the DPSC Planning Project

Texas Digital Library (TDL) will partner with Educopia and other members of the Digital Preservation Services Collaborative on an IMLS-funded grant to study the needs for and feasibility of a collaborative community-supported digital preservation service.

Read the full Educopia press release here:

From the press release:

Through this planning grant, the project team will articulate the need for community-supported, values-driven digital preservation services and develop a design for a future shared service model. By centering a set of shared values that empower communities of practitioners, the project aims to engage in a collaborative, bottom-up process that brings multiple stakeholders into the big tent of planning for the future of digital preservation.

TDL is a founding member of the Digital Preservation Services Collaborative, a group of values-driven providers of community-supported digital preservation services. The group united in 2017 to explore how we can better communicate with each other and assist members of the wider community as they negotiate the changing and complicated digital preservation landscape. Five other members of the DPSC join TDL as partners on this Educopia-led grant: APTrust, Chronopolis, CLOCKSS, LYRASIS, and MetaArchive.

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