Winter 2023 DPLA Harvest

Blue horizontal slider image, with text that reads Winter 2023, DPLA Harvest, Welcome SMU and UTSWMC! Slider also includes a black and white photo showing three people, two of them wearing nun's uniforms, looking at a building under construction.

Our first DPLA harvest of 2023 has arrived, and we are excited to welcome two new members to Texas Digital Library’s DPLA metadata aggregation service! Southern Methodist University and UT Southwestern Medical Center both shared metadata records with the Digital Public Library of America for the first time this month.

Institutions who participate in our DPLA Aggregation Service through TxHub share their metadata records with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Every three months, those records are updated in DPLA in our quarterly harvest. TDL’s aggregation service is part of the TxHub partnership with the Portal to Texas History. This quarter, TDL members shared over 84,000 records with DPLA.

Explore TDL members’ TxHub content in DPLA here:”Texas Digital Library”

Southern Methodist University Libraries is sharing 14 digital collections with over 30,000 records with DPLA. SMU Digital Collections, which include materials held by several libraries within the university, cover a range of topics, including Texas and Dallas history, Mexican history, Methodism and church history, railroads, book arts, and much more.

Front and back images of a private scrip note, printed in black and blue-green ink. On the front appears a vignette of a woman seated at a dock with a ship in the background, and the words “Current only in the Actual Business and Banking Departments Of Burgess' Business College. Fractional Currency. Located At Galveston Texas”, with 50 in numerals in each corner. On the verso is a decorative pattern.

“Burgess’ Business College 50 cents (fifty cents) private scrip”, circa 1875. Rowe-Barr Collection of Texas Currency, Southern Methodist University Libraries

Cover of a children’s book, titled “El Grito de Libertad, o Viva la Independencia”. There is a color drawing of a man riding a horse holding a banner with the Virgin of Guadalupe, with other men carrying weapons on foot. At the top of the cover are the words “Biblioteca del Niño Mexicano”

“El grito de la libertad, o, Viva la Independencia!”, 1900. Mexico: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints collection, Southern Methodist University Libraries

Image of a monochromatic black woodcut bookplate. Text at the top in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. At the bottom are the words “Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer”. In the center is an elaborate design, including two angels holding a crest and helmet.

SMU’s Bridwell Library has a collection of woodcuts, engravings, and etchings by Albrecht Dürer, the prominent German Renaissance artist. SMU makes these items freely available for research and study online, and is now expanding their access through DPLA. “[Bookplate for Wilibald Pirckheimer]”, circa 1502. Albrecht Dürer Prints at Bridwell Library collection, Southern Methodist University Libraries

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Special Collections Library and Archives is sharing the Dallas Medical Images, 1890-1975 collection with DPLA. This collection, which has a companion digital exhibit, comprises over 300 images that document the “institutions, people, and events that have played a role in the progress of medicine and medical care in Dallas.”

Black and white photograph of approximately 60 people standing outside a building with decorative windows. Most appear to be white men wearing suits and hats. One person who presents as a white woman is standing in the front row.

“University of Dallas Medical Department, first graduating class”, 1902. Dallas Medical Images collection, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Black and white photo of three people, standing with their backs to the camera, looking at a building being constructed. Two of the people are wearing nuns’ habits and the elaborate white headpieces worn by St. Paul’s Daughters of Charity. The other person is wearing a men’s dark coat and hat. The building being constructed includes a seven- or eight-story frame structure on the left, and a four-story walled structure on the right.

In addition to the history of medical care in Dallas, these photos also document some great headwear! “St. Paul Hospital on Harry Hines Blvd., under construction, two Daughters of Charity and a man looking at steel frame”, circa 1962. Dallas Medical Images collection, UT Southwestern Medical Center

TDL is proud to help share our members’ digital collections with a national audience through TxHub and DPLA. To learn more about TxHub and TDL’s DPLA Metadata Aggregation Service, please visit our website or email us at

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