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The Texas Digital Library (TDL) is staffed by a combination of full-time core staff members and part-time expert contributors from TDL member institutions. The organization also relies on the volunteer contributions of faculty and staff at its member institutions, who provide expertise and advice to the TDL and advocate on behalf of the TDL at their respective institutions.

TDL Staff

The TDL staff are officed at the University of Texas at Austin. This core staff focuses on the development and maintenance of software and hardware systems, user support activities, coordination of member activities, and other communication with TDL membership and the general public. See the chart at the right for a visual depiction of the TDL’s organizational structure.

View the TDL Staff Directory.

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The Texas Digital Library is accountable to its member organization through its governance structure.

  • All Regular Members are representated on the TDL Member Board, which meets annually to discuss issues of concern to the membership and to elect representatives to the Governing Board.
  • The TDL Governing Board provides strategic direction for the Texas Digital Library and is the founding ARL members of TDL, who serve as ex officio members, and a representative number of elected, at-large members from within the Regular Tier 2 membership.

For more information about the TDL governance structure and Governing Board, please visit the Boards and Committees page of this website.

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TDL Groups

As a consortium, the Texas Digital Library depends on the active participation of its members and users to be successful. TDL User Groups, Working Groups, and committees provide opportunities for member contributions focused on particular services, professional roles, and projects.

See the TDL Groups page for more information.

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