Digital Preservation Services Roadmap

This outline is intended to communicate to the TDL membership and the public the TDL’s intentions for expanding and improving Digital Preservation Services. Detailed updates will be provided via the TDL Member list and the TDL Digital Preservation list.

Technical Services

  • Digital Preservation Storage
    • (Summer 2017) Publish framework which clearly defines the TDL suite of DP services
      • DuraCloud dashboard feeding into any combination of the following options:
        • Chronopolis
        • DPN
        • Amazon S3
        • Amazon Glacier
    • (Summer and Fall 2017) Implementation of Chronopolis
      • Installation and testing – May-August 2017
      • Service launch – Fall 2017
      • Pilot as backend DP storage with member volunteer – Fall 2017 – early 2018
    • (Fall/Winter 2017/18) Test duplication across different TDL DP services
      • Ex. copy in Chronopolis and DPN
  • (Spring 2017) Member surveys – The results of these surveys will be used as member dossiers and held at TDL with the intention update over time.
  • (2018) TDL Systems Interoperability – experiments with linking TDL services towards greater interoperability. TDL will seek pilot partners for each of these, and potentially other, use cases.
    • TDR Dataverse to Chronopolis (Fall/Winter 2017)
    • DSpace to DuraCloud/DP storage options (tent. Winter 2017)
    • Vireo content object preservation (unscheduled)
    • OJS to DuraCloud/DP storage options (unscheduled)
    • Archivematica to DuraCloud/DP storage options (unscheduled)
  • (Fall/Winter 2017-2018 ongoing) Services Expansion – TDL is actively investigating a number of different service options, some of which are listed here. They will be prioritized based on feasibility and member priorities.
    • Web archiving
    • Archivematica
    • Emulation
    • Auditing
    • Lab space
    • Big data preservation
    • Temporary, inactive records preservation

Shared Resources

  • (Summer 2017) Launch DP Listserve
  • (Summer 2017) Submission agreement template – This is a form with information about submissions to DP service technologies. It will serve as a record of each member institution’s preparation and ingest workflow.
  • (Summer/Fall 2017) TRAC self-audit tool hosting
  • (Summer/Fall 2017) Publish materials to help members manage their digital preservation content needs
    • Documentation shared by members – assorted workflow and procedural documentation for digital preservation at individual institutions
    • Inventory and Prioritization document – a spreadsheet which will help institutions needed a starting point for assessing their DP content needs
    • Workflows – examples of potential workflows for using local systems in tandem with shared DP services
    • DP libguide – a set of resources providing good practice Digital Preservation guidance
  • (Summer/Fall 2017) Texas Levels of Preservation – modeled on the NDSA Levels of Preservation
  • (Fall/Winter 2017/18) Funding resource list – a list of granting bodies for financial support of digital preservation projects. Next steps include pairing TDL members with similar needs and assisting them in seeking funding.
  • (Summer/Fall 2017) Website update


  • (Fall 2017) Fall Webinar Series on Digital Preservation Services with guests
  • (Spring/ or Summer 2018 TBD) 5-Day Digital Preservation Management Workshop hosted at volunteer TDL member institution
  • (2018, unscheduled) Regional 2-Day DPN AVPreserve Workshops
    • Modules on Programmatic Digital Preservation, Selection, Preparing for Submission, Submission and Ingest, Post-Submission, and Sustainability
    • Courtney Mumma will teach nationally and in Texas
    • TDL seeking regional volunteer hosts