DPMW, San Antonio

WE HAVE A FEW SPOTS LEFT! Apply today: https://goo.gl/forms/F9Vq1tEKc4pY9dAt2

Trinity University’s Coates Library and the Texas Digital Library are pleased to announce that we are organizing a 5-day Digital Preservation Management Workshop (DPMW) in the Summer of 2018 in San Antonio, Texas.

Dates: Sunday, July 22, 2018 (5:00 p.m.) – Friday, July 27, 2018 (12:00 p.m.)

Location: Trinity University, San Antonio

TDL Member Tuition: $875 USD*

Non-TDL Member Tuition: $1000 USD*

*includes instruction, class material, breakfasts, lunches and breaks, an opening reception on Sunday, July 22, and one group dinner. Trinity requires an additional $75 charge per person for facilities fees, to be paid at registration.

Lodging on Trinity campus (optional): $162 USD for the week (Sunday check in- Friday check out)

Application form REQUIRED to qualify for pre-registration: https://goo.gl/forms/F9Vq1tEKc4pY9dAt2


There is a two-step process involved with applying and registering for participation at the Workshop.

  • First, participants apply using this form.
  • Then their applications are reviewed by the workshop director and instruction team.

Applicants will be notified by email if they are accepted for Registration, at which point they will be expected to formally register and pay the fee (see below). TDL Members’ registration is prioritized, but once TDL members accepted have had an opportunity to register, TDL will offer spots to non-members.

PLEASE NOTE: Application does not guarantee that you will be selected for participation and until you receive notification of acceptance your status is “pending”. No tuition is due upon application.


The workshop will be led by internationally recognized digital preservation experts: Nancy McGovern (Director of Digital Preservation at MIT Libraries) and Kari Smith (Institute Archivist and Program Head, Digital Archives, at MIT Institute Archives), along with guest instructors and a featured keynote presentation.

The Digital Preservation Management Workshops, a series presented since 2003, incorporate community standards and exemplars of good practice to provide practical guidance for developing effective digital preservation programs. The goals of the workshop are to foster critical thinking in a technological realm and provide the means for exercising practical and responsible stewardship of digital assets in an age of technological uncertainty.

The workshop includes interactive presentations, group discussions, exercises, individual assignments, and a keynote presentation by an expert in digital preservation. Workshop attendees explore the range of components needed to develop an effective digital preservation program. Workshop materials include action plans for organizations to complete when participants return to their institutions. Action plans result in organization-specific plans that incorporate technical, financial, organizational, and policy aspects encompassing the full lifecycle of digital objects. The workshop focuses on strategies for organizations to implement now, while research and development goes forward in creating longer-term solutions that can be incorporated into the program framework.

Workshop curriculum is continually updated to reflect the latest community standards and practice. The workshop begins with the premise that you are managing digital material and therefore does not specifically cover digitization except in ensuring the quality of digitized and born digital content to be preserved.

As a prerequisite for the workshop, we ask participants to work through the Digital Preservation Management Tutorial – a free resource for anyone interested in learning the foundations for digital preservation and as a starting point for advanced discussions. For more information about the DPM workshop and DP Tutorial please see: http://www.dpworkshop.org

Application is available here: https://goo.gl/forms/F9Vq1tEKc4pY9dAt2

Application does not require a deposit nor does it imply acceptance. After the organizers have reviewed your answers, TDL and Coates Library will contact you regarding final registration and payment.