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About the Digital Preservation Network (DPN)

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) is a long-term preservation solution shared collectively across the academy that protects local and consortia preservation efforts against all types of catastrophic failure. The DPN is a planned “dark archive” for preserving materials that are not actively used or accessed, but can be made available for use at any time from multiple storage facilities. The DPN digital preservation service guarantees academic institutions that their scholarly resources will be available in the event of any type of change in administration or physical institutional environments. By establishing a redundant and varied technical and legal infrastructure at multiple administrative levels, the DPN ensures the survival, ownership, and management of preserved digital content in the future.

How the DPN Works

In the DPN ecosystem, local repositories become contributing nodes, which ingest new collections. The DPN creates several federated, replicating nodes, which are digital repositories for the contributing nodes with a specific focus on long-term preservation. The replicating nodes contain redundant dark copies of all deposits that can be made available in cases of catastrophic loss. The diversity of the DPN nodes mitigates the risk of a single point of failure. Objects and metadata are replicated across nodes that embody organizational, technical, physical, and political diversity. A single point of failure cannot jeopardize centuries of scholarship.

Texas Preservation Node

The Texas Preservation Node through the DPN is a partnership between the University of Texas Libraries, the Texas Digital Library (TDL), and the Texas Academic Computing Center (TACC). The Texas Preservation Node is one of five DPN preservation nodes, located throughout the United States. Storage for the Texas Preservation Node is through the TACC.

The DPN Service through the TDL

The Texas Preservation Node leverages the DuraCloudTM @ TDL service to ingest and monitor materials deposited to the DPN. Members of the TDL are offered the opportunity to preserve content through the DPN Texas Preservation Node beginning in 2016.

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Contact the Texas Digital Library (TDL) at:
    • A representative at your institution will need to be identified as the contact person who will be responsible for ingesting materials to the DPN.
  2. Sign a DPN Deposit Agreement
    • Coming soon
  3. Establish an account
    • The TDL will coordinate with the DPN to establish an account and arrange training.
  4. Work with the TDL to establish ingestion tools

The TDL staff will work with your institution’s liaison to establish a DuraCloudTM @ TDL account and sync the tools to begin ingesting your materials to the DPN.

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Questions about setting up and using the Digital Preservation Network (DPN)? Contact the TDL Helpdesk.
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