Strategic Initiatives

As the means to achieve our vision of becoming the library of first choice for our core audiences, TDL has outlined four strategic initiatives aimed at growing scholarly content, engaging existing member libraries and faculty, encouraging collaborative research projects, and leveraging the skills and experience of members to augment the talent and expertise of TDL staff. These four strategic initiatives will form the foundation for our growth in the three-year period spanning academic years 2011-2014.

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Strategic initiative #1: Increase scholarly information hosted on TDL platforms by 2000% by August 2014.

The TDL will determine member needs, identify existing impediments to hosting content with TDL, and develop processes and technology solutions for ingesting new content and migrating existing content (including numeric data, text, images, and audio-visual content) to TDL services. As part of this initiative, TDL will offer services for managing numeric datasets for e-science initiatives.

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Strategic initiative #2: Market TDL services to each member institution, including to 15 academic departments or units within TDL member institutions.

The TDL will ensure that member libraries have the tools and support necessary to promote the use of TDL on their campuses. TDL will recruit key players within member institutions to host scholarly information on TDL platforms and identify and participate in events on campuses where TDL can have direct contact with faculty and researchers.


Strategic initiative #3: Develop 20 additional collaborative special collections.

The TDL will facilitate connections among researchers and the development of research communities within Texas through the creation of valuable, multi-institution collections of research and scholarly materials.

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Strategic initiative #4: Mine relevant talent and expertise in Texas to extend the capabilities of TDL.

The TDL will leverage Working Groups, User Groups, and Committees as means for all members to contribute to and benefit from the work of the Texas Digital Library, extending the capabilities of TDL through strategic use of both TDL staff and member talent and expertise.

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