Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Texas Digital Library enables each of its member libraries to advance a program of digital initiatives in support of research, scholarship, and learning in Texas.

Our Big, Audacious Goal

The Texas Digital Library will be the library of first choice for research, scholarship, and learning in Texas.

A Vivid Description of Our Future

The Texas Digital Library will be essential to the success of Texas libraries, to Texas scholars and researchers, and to Texas higher education in general. Its value as a collaborative organization will transcend the efforts of any individual member, and it will be a recognized and respected leader in the national and international digital library communities.

Researchers, teachers, and learners throughout Texas and across the world will consider the resources and technologies provided by the Texas Digital Library to be invaluable. Scholarly materials collected and disseminated through TDL will be used to solve scientific and policy dilemmas; instructional materials will be used to improve the quality of education; and unique digital collections will make learning come alive everywhere.

The TDL will lead the way forward during changing times by working toward a scholarly communication system that makes research and learning materials freely available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It will be an advocate for Open Access to scholarly work, and it will be instrumental in leading libraries to a more active role in publishing research materials. Additionally, the TDL will participate in the changing nature of university education, providing crucial support in the development of quality distance learning programs for Texas colleges and universities.

Every library in the state will be a member in the Texas Digital Library, and the Texas legislature will recognize the organization’s value through generous and perpetual funding. During times of fiscal tightening, budget cuts to Texas Digital Library will be unthinkable.

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