Graduate Student Excellence Award

Each year, the Texas Digital Library (TDL) Awards honor individuals and groups that have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of digital libraries.

The Graduate Student Excellence Award honors an individual graduate student that demonstrates overall excellence and contributions to digital library practice.


Outstanding contributions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Contributions to a digital library lifecycle system (e.g., lifecycles for digital special collections, digital repositories, e-journal systems, digital data repositories, and other digital platforms)
  • Contributions to creating, preserving, or evolving digital libraries or digital collection workflows (e.g., creating a unique digital collection with recognizable value, preserving a digital collection…)
  • Unique use or development of digital library technology (e.g., implementing a horizon technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, a form of artificial intelligence… to advance, preserve, promote… a digital library)
  • Creating or amending a unique approach to digital library standards (e.g., developing innovative metadata standards to ease access to a digital collection; offering guidance concerning copyright, licensing… of digital collections; creating, improving preservation methods of a digital library)
  • Developing, improving, or preserving access to open educational resources via a digital library
  • Contributions to a digital library collection (e.g., creating, preserving, improving a recognizably significant digital collection/library)
  • Developing, improving a digital service that significantly enhances a key stakeholder (e.g., faculty, staff, student, patron…) of a digital library (e.g., creation of an e-journal system for a university, creation of a data management program…)
  • Innovative work on a digital library project (e.g., collaboration with an entity such as NASA to develop a digital service, collection, product… that benefits intended users)


Nominations are open to an individual graduate student currently enrolled in a Texas higher education institution, pursuing a degree in any discipline. Self-nominations are accepted.

To nominate a project or individual for TDL’s Graduate Student Excellence Award you will need:

  • Contact information about the nominee including name, email, mailing address, and URLs. (required)
  • Your contact information (required)
  • A justification statement of 500 – 1,500 words (required)
  • Supporting documentation file upload (not required)



Winners are selected by the TDL Awards Committee and are notified in early spring. Award recipients receive one complimentary registration per for the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries in Austin, and are honored during a special awards session at the conference.

For questions about the criteria or processes for awards selection, please email