Institutional Services

The Texas Digital Library provides its member institutions with services aimed at storing, preserving, and disseminating the digital scholarship their faculties and students produce. These services include digital repositories and a system for handling the submission and management of electronic theses and dissertations.

TDL Institutional Repositories

The TDL provides institutional repository hosting for member institutions. This service includes provision of hardware and storage, basic management of the repository software DSpace, and the creation of a customized look and feel using Manakin. With this service, all member institutions have the means to offer a repository service for their affiliates, improving the dissemination of institutional work.

Vireo: Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission and Management System

With Vireo, the TDL’s electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) submission and management system, students at member institutions can submit digital theses and dissertations via a simple online interface, while graduate offices can manage the ETD submission and approval process behind the scenes. The system deposits the ETDs in institutional repositories where they are readily available to other researchers. The ETDs also become available through the federated TDL Repository (see below) via metadata harvesting.

TDL Repository

The TDL Repository provides a central access point for scholarly information created across the state of Texas. By aggregating resources from the many TDL member institutions, the TDL Repository presents a broad cross-section of academic publications, course materials, and research data, and makes it available to researchers around the world for browsing and download. Among its other collections, the federated TDL Repository contains records of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) submitted by participating member institutions, making these otherwise hard-to-find scholarly works available to a much wider audience.

Authentication (Shibboleth Federation)

Authentication to TDL services is provided via a shared framework which allows TDL members to log on using their institutional identity and password. This same framework provides information such as institutional affiliation (faculty, staff, student), so that access to services may be granted appropriately. Membership in the TDL Shibboleth authentication federation is available to all TDL member institutions, and technical consulting regarding local set-up and management is included. In addition, the TDL maintains its own identity provider and authentication service to allow access as appropriate to non-TDL members, such as content reviewers for a TDL journal.