Dr. Stevens studies dramatists of the Early Modern Period, an area of study dominated by Shakespeare scholars. She wanted to create a showcase for scholarship on other, under-represented playwrights of the period.

After consulting with the research librarian at her university, Dr. Stevens discovered that the Texas Digital Library could be a valuable resource in helping her establish an open access online scholarly journal. Because her university was a member of the TDL consortium, she had free access to TDL-hosted journal management software, called Open Journal Systems.

Dr. Stevens requested a TDL journal and worked with the TDL staff and her library contact to set up a site for the Journal of Renaissance Drama. She then recruited several colleagues at her university and elsewhere to serve on the editorial board. With her board, she determined the journal’s publishing policies — including publishing frequency and submission requirements — and configured the online journal.

Dr. Stevens published her first issue of the Journal of Renaissance Drama in the fall and plans to continue publication on an annual basis.

*Dr. Stevens is a fictional character.