TCDL 2009 Technical Developers Forum

TCDL 2009 will be host to a pre-conference on May 26 at the University of Texas at Austin campus.  The TCDL Technical Developers Forum will focus on issues developers in digital libraries are facing in their environments.  The Technical Developers Forum will provide a structured environment for sharing ideas, projects, and technologies of interest to developers of digital libraries, systems, and applications.

Attendees should include System Administrators, Developers, and others dealing with the software and hardware supporting digital libraries.


The Forum will be held in the Perry-Castaneda Library at the University of Texas at Austin campus in room PCL 1.339.  This room is located on the lower floor of the PCL, so upon entering the library, please take the elevator or stairs down to the first floor.

For map information, click here.  We recommend parking in the Brazos or Trinity Garages along Martin Luther King Jr.  Blvd.


Meeting time will commence at 10:00 AM and last until 4:00 PM on May 26.

The Technical Developers Forum is an Un-Conference, and will be an open forum for discussion on technical issues in digital libraries.  The Forum will be led by Mark Phillips, Head of the Digital Projects Unit at the University of North Texas.  The Forum will also feature Dan Chudnov from the Library of Congress, who is also TCDL 2009’s opening keynote speaker.

Come prepared to discuss your institution’s unique challenges, find opportunities for partnership, learn how other universities are facing similar challenges and developing ways to address those challenges.

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