Texas Digital Library: Vision 2020


The Texas Digital Library is a consortium of Texas higher education institutions that builds capacity for preserving, managing, and providing access to unique digital collections of enduring value. Our empowering technology infrastructure, services, and community programs.

  • Support research, teaching, and digital curation efforts at our member institutions
  • Facilitate collaboration amongst our community and with external partners
  • Connect local work to a global ecosystem of digital library efforts


The Texas Digital Library will be an essential resource, built by and for our institutional members, that enhances access to the unique digital collections of Texas and ensures their long-term preservation.


  • Deliver essential preservation services as an integral component of a national digital preservation infrastructure, in order to preserve knowledge for future generations.
  • Enhance the access, usability, and interoperability of Texas’ digital collections by fostering connections within the digital library ecosystem.
  • Create meaningful and innovative professional development programs.
  • Leverage the expertise of Texas librarians and staff, to take advantage of their talents, develop shared standards and practices, and establish a common base of knowledge across all member institutions.
  • Establish a broad and enduring base of funding through:
    • statewide membership
    • external partnerships and funding sources
    • legislative appropriation

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