Binary codeThe Texas Digital Library began in 2005 as a partnership among four of the state’s largest Association of Research Libraries (ARL) universities: Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, the University of Houston, and the University of Texas at Austin. Since that time, the consortium has grown to include 15 members representing both large and small institutions from every region in the state.

The TDL’s goal was to develop and provide infrastructure, tools and services to enhance open access to scholarly materials, preserve digital collections, provide a platform for shaping the evolution of scholarly communication, and encourage collaboration among scholars and researchers throughout the state of Texas. Simultaneously, it aimed to reduce costs for individual institutions through increased efficiencies and sharing of resources.

The first years of the TDL were formative, as infrastructure was put in place, systems were designed and built, and initial services were developed. As it has matured the TDL realizes the need to move from its development phase into a more member-driven strategic operational phase.

This Strategic Plan has been developed within this context. It has grown out of a planning process, begun in late 2011 by the TDL Governing Board, designed to assess the needs of the organization and determine its future direction over the next three years. The Plan is meant to serve as a roadmap for prioritizing the resources and opportunities of the organization as it strives to advance its vision and mission, while staying true to core TDL values.