TDL Awards Committee

The TDL Awards Committee is appointed by the Governing Board to recognize outstanding work in digital libraries at academic institutions throughout Texas. Awards are given at the annual Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).

2017 TDL Awards Committee Members:

  • Nerissa Lindsey (Chair), Texas A&M International University
  • Sian Brannon, University of North Texas
  • Aaron Choate, University of Texas at Austin
  • Louise Kidder, UT Medical Branch
  • Sarah Potvin, Texas A&M University
  • Laura Waugh, Texas Digital Library (ex-officio)

Past Committee Members

2016 TDL Awards Committee Members:

  • Billie Peterson-Lugo (Chair), Baylor University
  • Nerissa Lindsey, Texas A&M University
  • Lauren Goodley, Texas State University
  • Mark Phillips, University of North Texas
  • Rachel Vacek, University of Houston
  • Laura Waugh, Texas Digital Library

2014 TDL Awards Committee Members:

  • Shelley Barba (Chair), Texas Tech University
  • Board Sponsor: Douglas Ferrier, Texas A&M International University
  • Cindy Boeke, Southern Methodist University
  • Susan Elkins, Angelo State University
  • Kate Krause, Houston Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Center Library
  • Stephanie Larrison, Texas State University
  • Darryl Stuhr, Baylor University
  • Santi Thompson, University of Houston
  • Kristi Park, Texas Digital Library