OJS Training

In this course, participants gain an overview of the process for creating and configuring an Electronic Journal, as well as the editorial steps for producing an issue of the journal. Students learn through hands-on activities in the open-source software used by the TDL, Open Journal Systems.

Among the topics covered in the course are:

  • Journal roles (Journal Manager, Editor, Reviewer, etc.)
  • Setting up a new journal
  • Creating journal policies
  • Customizing the look-and-feel of a journal
  • Managing the peer-review process for submissions
  • Managing the copyediting, layout editing, and proofreading of submissions
  • Creating and publishing a journal issue

Individual faculty and staff members interested in starting an electronic journal are encouraged to attend this course. The course is also available to librarians and others wishing to support the creation of electronic journals by faculty at their institutions.

Skill Level: Entry

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