The Texas Digital Library (TDL) provides services to TDL member institutions and the faculty at these institutions. Each of the services supports the TDL’s goal of broadening access to the scholarly output of Texas colleges and universities.

For access to presentations and publications further describing TDL services, please visit the Member Resources page and the TDL Publications and Presentations page. You may also visit the TDL Wiki for additional user documentation about TDL services.

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Institutional Services

Institutional Repositories

The TDL provides repository hosting for member institutions. This service includes provision of hardware and storage and basic management of the repository software DSpace. With this service, all member institutions have the means to offer a repository service for their affiliates, improving the dissemination of institutional work. For a list of TDL Institutional Repositories, click here.

Vireo: Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission and Management System

With Vireo, the TDL’s electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) submission and management system, students at member institutions can submit digital theses and dissertations via a simple online interface, while graduate offices can manage the ETD submission and approval process behind the scenes. The system deposits the ETDs in institutional repositories where they are readily available to other researchers. The ETDs also become available through the federated TDL Repository via metadata harvesting.

Preservation Services

The Texas Digital Library provides preservation services through DuraCloud™ @TDL, a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for digital preservation. By storing and managing content in multiple geographic locations and with multiple storage options available, members can control their costs, enjoy predictability for service, and rely on known, durable technologies and best practices for ensuring the integrity of the riches of their digital collections.

DuraCloud™ is an open-source technology that facilitates storage of digital content within cloud-based storage providers. It was developed and released under an open-source license by DuraSpace and is hosted by the Texas Digital Library for its member institutions

TDL Repository

The TDL Repository provides a central access point for scholarly information created across the state of Texas. By aggregating resources from the many TDL member institutions, the TDL Repository presents a broad cross-section of academic publications, course materials, and research data, and makes it available to researchers around the world for browsing and download. Among its other collections, the federated TDL Repository contains records of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) submitted by participating member institutions, making these otherwise hard-to-find scholarly works available to a much wider audience.

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Faculty Communication Services

Electronic Journals

Support for publishing fully online, peer-reviewed journals is offered by the TDL. This service includes a complete workflow system for article submission, peer review, and editing that is fully web-based and designed to facilitate the de-centralized collaboration of the peer review process. This less expensive alternative to traditional publishing provides additional opportunities for information-sharing, particularly within specialized disciplines and emerging fields of study. TDL journals are open access, viewable by the public at no cost. TDL member faculty and staff can request a new journal HERE or by emailing the TDL Helpdesk at

Online Conference Management

The TDL makes conference organizing and management easier and more efficient with Online Conference Management tools that help conference organizers create a complete Web presence and handle the clerical and managerial tasks associated with running an academic conference. TDL Online Conference Management uses Open Conference Systems, an open-source Web publishing tool developed by the Public Knowledge Project. TDL member faculty and staff can request a new conference Web site HERE or by emailing the TDL Helpdesk at

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Support Services

TDL Helpdesk

The TDL offers first-line user support through the TDL Helpdesk. Users can submit questions and other concerns through the Helpdesk web form or via e-mail at

TDL Wiki

User documentation and other helpful materials related to TDL services can be found in the TDL Wiki.

TDL Training Program

The TDL offers training courses on all its services for faculty and staff at TDL member institutions. Visit the training section of the website for more information.

TDL Groups

Users can get peer-to-peer support through TDL User Groups and Working Groups.

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