Digital Repositories

DSpace logoThe Texas Digital Library hosts Open Access digital repositories using open-source DSpace, allowing member institutions to provide reliable online access to their scholarly and instructional output.

With a digital repository hosted by the TDL, institutions can collect, store, preserve, and disseminate digital content – including documents, audio files, images, and datasets – all within a secure, professionally managed environment in the Amazon Cloud.

DSpace is a widely-used open source repository software that can manage and preserve all types of digital content and facilitates indexing of that content by commercial search engines, such as Google.

TDL Repository Hosting

TDL’s digital repository hosting service includes the following:

  • Hosted installation of DSpace for each institution
  • Basic theming of DSpace in a mobile-friendly theme
  • Persistent links (“handles”) using open standard
  • All system administration handled by TDL staff
  • Local repository management and control
  • Integration with local campus authentication (via Shibboleth)
  • TDL Helpdesk Support and the TDL DSpace Users Group
  • Basic DSpace training via web conference

Texas Digital Library is a Platinum Member of the DSpace Program housed at Lyrasis. Through its membership, TDL provides financial and in-kind support to the development and maintenance of this key component of the global Open Access infrastructure.

More Information

TDL Membership

To set up an Digital Repository hosted by the TDL, you must be a member of the Texas Digital Library. To find out more about membership opportunities, please see the Membership section of our Web site.

If you are a member of the Texas Digital Library and need assistance in setting up an Digital Repository, please contact us for more information.