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Mission driven. Service oriented. Member (em)powered. 

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The Texas Digital Library is a consortium of Texas higher education institutions that builds capacity for preserving, managing, and providing access to unique digital collections of enduring value. Our empowering technology infrastructure, services, and community programs:

  • Support research, teaching, and digital curation efforts at our member institutions
  • Facilitate collaboration amongst our community and with external partners
  • Connect local work to a global ecosystem of digital library efforts


Mission driven

We spread the cost of shared infrastructure among members who pool resources to expand access to research, storage, and curation tools for students and faculty. We are not a commercial vendor but are a partner, committed to our mission of enabling access and preservation of cultural heritage and scholarly materials for academic libraries in Texas.

Service oriented

We connect under-sourced, under-staffed libraries to affordable, open source technology solutions with secure storage and persistent services. We focus on providing services that meet real needs of libraries as effectively and quickly as possible.

Member (em)powered

Our members fund us, govern us, and provide oversight and direction to our work. But we also rely on members to power our work in other ways. TDL members to assist us with training efforts, lead committees and working groups, and lend their expertise to the technology-focused work of our staff.

We see our work as facilitative, enabling, and empowering. We aren’t doing the on-the-ground management of digital repositories – local librarians at our member institutions do that important work. Instead, we provide empowering infrastructure, training, and community development that makes that work possible in a more cost-effective way.

Open3 : Open Access, Open Source, Open & Transparent

There are three forms of openness that underpin our work:

  1. The services we provide facilitate the Open Access (OA) of materials – particularly of research and scholarship. OA is a foundational value of the Texas Digital Library.
  2. We both use and produce open source software applications – meaning software whose code is made freely available to all under an open source license. And we support the open source communities like DuraSpace that create the software we use.
  3. We strive to be open and transparent with our decision-making, our documentation, and our work.

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  • Deliver essential preservation service as an integral component of a national digital preservation infrastructure, in order to preserve knowledge for future generations.
  • Enhance the access, usability, and interoperability of Texas’ digital collections by fostering connections within the digital library ecosystem.
  • Create meaningful and innovative professional development programs.
  • Leverage the expertise of Texas librarians and staff, to take advantage of their talents, develop shared standards and practices, and establish a common base of knowledge across all member institutions.
  • Establish a broad and enduring base of funding through:
    • statewide membership
    • external partnerships and funding sources
    • legislative appropriation

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The Texas Digital Library began in 2005 as a partnership between four of the state’s largest Association of Research Libraries (ARL) universities. TDL now represents large and small institutions from every region of the state, and any of the state’s institutions of higher learning are encouraged to seek membership in the consortium.

More Information

If you are interested in collaborating with the Texas Digital Library or would like additional information about joining our member consortium, please email us at info@tdl.org.

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