TDL Membership Information

Membership in the Texas Digital Library (TDL) is available to any nonprofit institution of higher education in the state of Texas.  Three classes of membership are available: Regular Member (Tier 1 and Tier 2), Affiliate Member, and Consortia Member.

Regular member

All Regular Members receive access to the full suite of TDL scholarly communication services, including hosted institutional repositories, e-journal hosting and software, and hosted Vireo, as well opportunities to participate in TDL training and support groups. Regular members also receive access to the DuraCloudTM @TDL preservation service and an allowance for storage costs.

The administrative head of each Regular Member library, or a representative, will serve on the TDL Member Board with one vote.

Sustaining Members (Tier 1)

Tier 1 Members include the founding members of the Texas Digital Library: Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, the University of Houston, and the University of Texas at Austin.

  • The administrative head of each Tier 1 Member serves as a permanent member of the TDL Governing Board.
  • Sustaining members receive a storage allowance of $1,000 per year in DuraCloudTM @TDL.

Annual membership fee: $150,000

Supporting Members (Tier 2)

All other Regular Members are Tier 2 members.

  • Tier 2 Members are represented on the TDL Member Board with one vote each. Additionally, three Regular Tier 2 members are elected at large by the Tier 2 membership to serve on the TDL Governing Board.
  • Supporting members receive a storage allowance of $250 per year in DuraCloudTM @TDL.

Annual membership fee: $25,750

Affiliate member

The administrative head of the member library can represent the institution on committees but does not have a place on the Member Board or a vote.

Annual membership fee: $10,000

Consortia member

Multiple Affiliate members can be grouped into a Consortia membership. The administrative head of the library of one of the institution libraries will represent the Consortia Member and will have the rights of a Regular Tier 2 member.

Annual membership fee: $10,000 (per Affiliate)

Additional information

For more information about the TDL membership and organizational structure, please refer to the TDL Bylaws.

To make inquiries about joining the Texas Digital Library, please contact the Texas Digital Library.

Texas Digital Library
P.O. Box P
Austin, TX 78713-8916



Benefits of Membership

* Access to TDL Scholarly communication services that disseminate your institution's scholarship widely, giving research more impact.

* Optional hosting and maintenance of services on TDL hardware.

* Expertise of dedicated TDL software development team and technical support team.

* Cost advantage of combining resources.

* Digital infrastructure in place provides advantages for grant-seeking.

* Exchange of information through TDL Groups.

* Access to training and user support.

* Promotion of digital library projects through TDL communications.

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