Open Access Journals

What if libraries and universities could bypass the high costs of print journals by providing less costly outlets for scholarly work? What if any faculty member with the willingness to do the work could start up his or her own peer-reviewed journal without prohibitive start-up costs? What if scholarship were available to the many instead of the few?

With TDL Electronic Journals, faculty members, libraries, and universities can produce refereed, open-access scholarly journals, ensuring the availability of important scholarship to researchers across the world. TDL Electronic Journals are powered by Open Journal Systems (OJS), an open-source journal management and publication software produced by the Public Knowledge Project.

What is a TDL Electronic Journal?

Using Open Journal Systems software, faculty at TDL member institutions can set up and publish an online journal (or migrate an existing journal) without any costs for the software or TDL technical assistance. The OJS software helps with every stage of peer-reviewed publishing, handling online submissions from authors, managing the peer-review process, publishing issues online, and indexing content.

Using OJS, journal managers and editors can:

  • Customize submission requirements, the peer review process, and the journal’s appearance
  • Perform all journal management tasks online
  • Set up a subscription-based journal with delayed open access options
  • Provide comprehensive indexing of content
  • Use OJS e-mail notification and commenting tools

TDL-hosted journals also become part of the TDL Electronic Press and are indexed by open-access harvesters so that all content is widely available online.

How do I set up a TDL Electronic Journal?

The TDL Electronic Journal service is available free of charge to faculty or staff at TDL member institutions. If you would like to create an e-journal, please complete this form or contact the TDL Helpdesk at A TDL staff member will help you claim and set up your journal.

Any institution of higher learning may become a member of the Texas Digital Library consortium. To find out more about institutional membership opportunities, please see the Membership section of our Web site.

Where do I go with questions about TDL Electronic Journals?

If you encounter questions about setting up or using TDL Electronic Journals, you may contact the TDL Helpdesk, or consult the Open Journal Systems documentation in the PKP wiki.


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