DSpace logoThe Texas Digital Library hosts DSpace digital repositories for its member institutions, allowing them provide reliable online access to their scholarly and pedagogic output.

With a digital repository hosted by the TDL, institutions can collect, store, preserve, and disseminate digital content – including documents, audio files, images, and datasets – all within a secure, professionally managed environment in the Amazon Cloud.

TDL digital repositories use DSpace, a widely-used open source repository software that can manage and preserve all types of digital content and facilitates indexing of that content by commercial search engines, such as Google.

Why use an Institutional Repository?

An Institutional Repository (IR) hosted by the TDL:

  • promotes the principles of open access by providing opportunities for faculty self-archiving
  • ensures the long-term preservation and accessibility of digital assets
  • provides access to unpublished research of faculty, research staff, and students
  • preserves and disseminates a wide variety of content beyond traditional scholarly articles, including datasets, learning objects, electronic theses and dissertations, audio-visual content, and presentations.
  • helps universities fulfill obligations to make publicly funded or non-profit-funded research available on an open access basis
  • allows universities to capture digital e-learning courseware so they can expand on existing programs
  • encourages access and sharing among disciplines and institutions
  • showcases an institution’s faculty and student output, and through participation in the Texas Digital Library consortium, the scholarly contributions of the entire state

Setting up a DSpace Repository

To set up an Institutional Repository hosted by the TDL, you must be an institution of higher learning in Texas and a member of the Texas Digital Library. To find out more about membership opportunities, please see the Membership section of our Web site.

If you are a member of the Texas Digital Library and need assistance in setting up an Institutional Repository, please contact us for more information.