Launching DPN’s Texas Preservation Node: Digital Preservation for the Texas Academy

June 28, 2016 | 11:00am – 12:00pm (CDT)


  • Mary Molinaro, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kristi Park, Executive Director, Texas Digital Library
  • Ryan Steans, Assistant Director, Texas Digital Library

Leadership from the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) will join the Texas Digital Library staff to discuss the launch of the Texas Preservation Node, an ingestion point to the Digital Preservation Network.

DPN ( is a large-scale digital preservation service that is built to last beyond the life spans of individuals, technological systems, and organizations. DPN provides members of the academy and their successors with assurance that future access to their scholarly resources will be available in the event of disruptive change in administrative or physical institutional environments. By establishing a redundant and varied technical and legal infrastructure the survival, ownership and management of preserved digital content in the future is assured for DPN members.

TDL members will have access to the DPN service through the Texas Preservation Node, a partnership among the University of Texas at Austin Libraries, the TDL, and the Texas Academic Computing Center.

This webinar will provide TDL members with details of the Digital Preservation Network and the Texas Preservation Node service, including information about the DPN service model, requirements for use, costs, general technology infrastructure, and ingestion workflow.

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