TDL development team begins weekly Sprint Reviews with January 6 demo

The Texas Digital Library is beginning the New Year with an invitation to its members to get a look inside the TDL software development process by attending the regular demonstrations held by the  software team at the end of each development cycle. The next of these public events will take place Thursday, January 6, at 2:30 PM.

As a part of the Scrum methodology used by the TDL development team, TDL holds a public demonstration of software development work at the end of each development cycle, or “sprint.” These demonstrations, called Sprint Reviews, are open to anyone who wishes to attend and observe, either in-person or remotely, and the TDL encourages members to come and observe the progress being made on high-priority development efforts, including Vireo, the TDL Preservation Network, and the Texas Learning Object Repository.

Currently, the team is organizing work into one-week sprints, so a Sprint Review will be held each week on Thursday at 2:30 PM. Those in Austin may attend in person at the TDL offices in Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL 1.402).Remote attendees will be able to join via teleconference and Adobe Connect.

January 6 Sprint Review

The first Sprint Review of 2011 will take place Thursday, January 6 at 2:30 PM. The Review will demonstrate work completed during Sprint 11 for the TDL Preservation Network.

To join the Review, you must dial in to the TDL conference phone line (for audio) and log in to an Adobe Connect web session to view the demonstration:

To join the conference phone line, dial 1-877-531-0114. Enter *3945934* when prompted. (The star key must be entered before and after the “room” number.)

To join the Adobe Connect web session, go to A screen will prompt you for a guest name, but no other login is required to view the demonstration.

Guidelines for Attendance

If you would like to attend a Sprint Review, we ask that you read the concise documentation in the TDL Wiki for more information about how to attend and what to expect, as well as some general etiquette guidelines for participation in a Sprint Review.

About the Sprint Review

Sprint Review Etiquette

About Scrum

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