TDL 2017 Holiday Wish List

In between snacking, sleeping, skiing, or [insert your favorite relaxing holiday fun], help TDL fulfill our wishes during this year’s holiday break.

Further Your Career

TDL will offer lots of professional development next semester. Take advantage of the winter break to further your career with these opportunities:

  • Submit a proposal to the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. This year’s theme is “Exploring Perspectives,” so think big and be creative! And while you’re at it…
  • Register for TCDL. Our annual conference is a unique occasion: it’s the only conference just for digital libraries in Texas. And we think you will be very excited to welcome this year’s keynote, Dr. King Davis.
  • Get ready to attend our Digital Preservation Management Workshop. Please do not miss out on your chance to learn from the leaders in digital preservation – right here in Texas. Applications are required to register – click here to apply. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2018.
  • Foster a Community of Practice by submitting a project proposal for software preservation. All TDL members are encouraged to submit a proposal, and be sure to share with our colleagues at Texas’ HBCUs. As an added bonus, Courtney Mumma, TDL’s Services Manager, has offered to lend a hand with your drafts.

Give Back to the TDL Community

The best thing about being a member of Texas Digital Library is that we have a ready-made group of like-minded professionals working toward the same goals. Over the winter break, take a moment to give back by contributing your thoughts to these initiatives:

Join the Conversation

ICYMI (and if you’re not on social media, that stands for In Case You Missed It), Texas Digital Library is liking, sharing, and retweeting YOUR stories on social media. Help us elevate the work of all members in our consortium of academic libraries by joining us online.

From all of us to all of you, TDL wishes everyone a wonderful winter break. See you January 17th at the monthly member forum!

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