OJS 3 Upgrades for TDL-Hosted Journals

Texas Digital Library, over the next several months, will begin the process of upgrading its hosted academic journals to OJS 

Cover images from the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal, Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature, and the Texas Water Journal

About the Upgrades

OJS version 3 represents a major leap forward for the Open Journal Systems platform, both in “look and feel” and functionality as well as big changes to the user interface.

Because of the number of journals we host, and the relative complexity of this upgrade, TDL will spread upgrades over a period of several months, in order to make sure we can provide adequate support to each journal. We will begin upgrades in September 2019, starting with two of our institutional members’ journals; we will phase in migrations for other member institutions over several months extending into the new year.

When it is time for your institution’s journals to be upgraded, you will be contacted at the beginning of the month with specific instructions and a timeline for upgrade. If at any time, you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us through our Helpdesk at support@tdl.org.

The TDL wiki contains documentation about the upgrade process and OJS 3 for your review in the meantime. Go here to access that documentation.


TDL hosted a webinar on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 that illustrated changes in OJS version 3 and communicate how the upgrade process will work. View the webinar here.

Demo Journal

TDL has a Demo Journal in OJS available for our members to explore and test. It is accessible at https://journals.tdl.org/ojs3-demo/index.php/ojs3-demo/index. To get credentials for the journal, please contact the TDL Helpdesk at support@tdl.org with your name, institution, and email address.

If and when you have questions for us, please let us know via our Helpdesk at support@tdl.org.

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