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It’s fall, which means that another DPLA harvest has come! Every three months, institutions who participate in TDL’s DPLA Aggregation Service through TxHub update their metadata records with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).

This month, TDL is excited to include the University of Texas at San Antonio in their first DPLA harvest.  Twenty-three digital collections and almost 42,000 records from UTSA Libraries Special Collections are now discoverable in the Digital Public Library of America. UTSA’s collections, which focus on San Antonio-area history, African-American and LGBTQ communities, Mexican-American activism, urban planning, the Tex-Mex food industry, and much more, can now be discovered and used by a broader audience.

TDL’s aggregation service is part of the TxHub partnership with the Portal to Texas History.  UTSA has materials in the Portal to Texas History, as well, which are also searchable in DPLA.  Through TxHub, UTSA’s digital collections in their local repository and in the Portal can be found and accessed together through DPLA.

Here are a few items that UTSA shared with DPLA in its initial harvest with TDL:

Black and white photograph of a one-story building. The building has a wrap-around porch, and is surrounded by trees. Also visible are the street and sidewalk.

Many of UTSA’s collections document the 1968 HemisFair world’s fair that was held in San Antonio, both the fair itself and the “urban renewal” projects that went along with it. “Brick apartment house at 330 Goliad Street, New City Block 700, Urban Renewal Project 5, site of the U.S. Pavilion Confluence Theater at HemisFair’68”, 1965, Ray Howell Photograph Collection. UTSA Libraries Special Collections, https://dp.la/item/71b01e79b0ce735c6999ba0e25f55b65

Cover page of The Marquise newspaper. Headline reads "Long-time companions... and still Sweet Valentines!", with photos of a lesbian couple and a gay male couple.

One of many LGBTQ newspapers and periodicals from the 1980s to early 2000s included in UTSA’s collections. “The Marquise, February 11, 1993”, LGBTQ Publications collection. UTSA Libraries Special Collections, https://dp.la/item/a3674aaa63f6812c7f71a011e815d1d5

Bumper sticker with red and blue text on a white background. Text reads "COPS and Metro say San Antonio needs a living wage! Su voto es su Voz! Get-Out- and Vote!"

“Living Wage reports and articles”, 1991-1997, Communities Organized for Public Service/Metro Alliance Records. UTSA Libraries Special Collections, https://dp.la/item/801ddd466c64e0bad86e1677ab30e19b

Color scan of the cover of a 1960s cookbook. Title reads "1966 Adams Extract Award Winning Recipes, Teenage Bake-Off Cookbook". Four desserts are pictured.

Need a recipe for Rio Lace Cookies or Coconut Cheese Pie? This 1960s cookbook has you covered! “Adams Extract Teenage Bake-off cookbook”, 1966, Adams Flavors, Foods, & Ingredients, LLC records. UTSA Libraries Special Collections, https://dp.la/item/163d395273e0ed512b1cdd9e235781e1

Explore these materials and all TDL members’ TxHub content in DPLA here: https://dp.la/search?partner=”Texas Digital Library”

TDL is proud to help share our members’ digital collections with a national audience through TxHub and DPLA. To learn more about TxHub and TDL’s DPLA Metadata Aggregation Service, please visit our website or email us at info@tdl.org.


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